If you are interested in usefull programs/scripts my Github is one of the places where you can find those things!


Questions/problems with code, feel free to ask me questions on Stack-Overflow!

All the website's I've built for customers.

All the projects I had to make for school are listed down below.



A website built using HTML, CSS and jQuery. It's purpose was to promote a non existing LAN party at our school.


    Who I really am.


    I'm Curig Parrott born in 1999. Since the age of seven I was interested in computer technology. Since this age I was busy with a program called Game Maker.Because of the advantage being raised by an English father and a Dutch mother it was easy to do self study about this subject. Since most of the documentations are in English. After understanding the logic behind Game Maker it was a small step learning the basics of other computer languages. Nowadays I'm succesfully able to use : HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Unix, PHP, SQL and some more. Apart from programming I enjoy other activities such as playing the guitar, climbing and freestyle inline skating. The combinations of using my brain and my body makes me who I am today.

    Personal Info

    • Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

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